Gunlocke 2461 Chair Not all furniture manufacturers followed the midcentury Modernists in giving up solid wood for newfangled plastics and plywood. This classic chair was presented in American walnut or oak.

1970s – The Industry organizes

With office planning now firmly entrenched in the designer tool kit and the office systems business booming, it was imperative that the interior design community in the United States come together, set standards, and move the profession forward. The creation of ASID and BIFMA in this decade were huge milestones for the contract furnishings industry. One of the new rallying…


The First NeoCon The first annual National Exposition of Contract Interior Furnishings hosted 750 exhibitors. More than a hundred speakers and moderators participated in the inaugural seminars and lectures between June 22 and 27, 1969. The scale of the event was unlike anything the industry had seen before.

1960s – Before NeoCon

The level of creative output in contract interiors at midcentury was astounding. Modernist visionaries whom we today consider legends presided over postwar American design. Florence Knoll assembled star designers and architects to create furniture for Knoll while she led the charge on office planning. George Nelson and Robert Propst conceived the Action Office at Herman Miller. In the midst of…