The Creative Process


Course# MET174
Expires: March 2015
This course is AIA/CES registered for 1 LU

Read the article with the following learning objectives in mind. Then download and complete the participant exercise form here.

Improvisational Thinking: OMA NYC
The firm takes free-form trial and error to almost dizzying heights before locking into a final decision.

Community Experiments: Olson Kundig
Serving as an informal R&D lab, the firm’s street-front exhibition space helps them interact with the public and discover new paths to creativity.

Learning Objectives:

- Understand how different methods of experimentation contribute to the
design process.
- Learn the role trial and error played in selecting the best design possible for
Quebec’s Musée National des Beaux-Arts expansion.
- Learn the important role model making plays in the design process of OMA
NYC, and its benefits.
- Learn how Olson Kundig’s [storefront] has benefited the Pioneer Square
- Observe the “ripple effects” that have spread from Olson Kundig’s
experimentation at [storefront] into the greater workings of the firm.

We will review your responses and submit your grade and attendance to AIA. 

Fees: $10.00 per test. 

All CEU online exercises must be submitted with a payment form in order to ensure review and grade submission to AIA. 

Thank you for participating in the Metropolis Continuing Education Program! 

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