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The $5.9 Billion Question

The $5.9 Billion Question

Should coastal cities threatened by climate change build storm surge barriers?

February 2013

What Catastrophe?

Hurricane Sandy hits Red Hook, Brooklyn, prompting our columnist to wonder if we’ll learn its hard lessons.

January 2013

Living on Shifting Sands

New York City’s densely populated waterfronts may need a rethink in the future.

January 2013

Storm Surge

Hurricane Sandy sorely challenged the recently completed Marine Company 9 firehouse.

January 2013

Ultimate Oxymoron

Hotels are now worse for the planet than ever before. Recently built properties use twice as much energy per night as hotels built 50 years ago. Even so-called “green hotels” are often merely less-bad alternatives. Is hotel design inherently unsustainable?

September 2012

Memory Holes

Two ongoing wars and many controversies later, the search for meaning at Ground Zero still proves painfully elusive.

September 2011

The Other Memorials

While the official memorializaton of 9/11 lurched forward in an often messy public process, DIY and ad hoc monuments sprung up across the city. Many remain today as raw, unfiltered expressions of a grieving community.

September 2011
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