December 2004

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Flower Power

A Backup Plan

Boutique Living

Reclaiming the River

Pete Seeger and friends promote a permeable swimming structure for the newly cleaned-up Hudson River.

Up Against the Wall

Building Blocks

Improv Theater

Polidori’s Metropolis

What Comes After Modernism?

Apparently nothing: Modernism is like the universe, an infinite loop with no beginning or end.

Design is Universal

After doing battle in kitchens for many years, our author embarks on another epic struggle to realize a space accessible to all.

Universal Cooking: Setting Up the Kitchen

Making a Case for Design Research

When academic research and pent-up human needs come together, we all benefit.

A Greener Shade

Designtex Shades and Screens PVC-free Decorative Textiles.

Parental Rites

A Place to Dock

Architect Lira Luis’s temporary shelter would give Manila seafarers someplace to come home to.

Northern Renaissance

Harri Koskinen’s Muu collection melds Finnish style and Italian technique.