International Style

The rise and fall (and perhaps, rise again) of U.S. embassy architecture.


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Expires: December 2014
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Read the article with the following learning objectives in mind. Then download and complete the participant exercise form here.

International Style:
The design of the US embassy has been shaped by the political and cultural pressures of each era. With embassy design reflecting a rise and fall and perhaps, a rise, again in the standards that create democracy, power, and security in US embassies, there is, once more, a new potential for design and architecture to play a role.

Learning Objectives:

— Understand the challenges in designing a secure US embassy
— Learn about the rise, fall, and rise again of the role design has played in the design of US embassies
— Learn about the intersection of sustainability and security in embassy design
—Understand the ways in which architects can shape the international perspective of the US through the design of our foreign-built federal structures

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Oct 22, 2013 01:32 pm
 Posted by  ned cherry, r.a.

Just read article on "international style" and American embassy architecture.
I worked with both Breuer and Gropius in the '60's and 70's and remember
the mindset of consular and embassy architecture of the times, with Saarinen
and Edward Stone competing and doing the good and the bad. Aside from the
Williams legacy mentioned in the article, it seems we are headed in the right
direction again.

Thanks for the CEU article. in New Mexico, we need the CEU's.

ned cherry/r.a.

Dec 25, 2013 03:54 pm
 Posted by  JHE

Excited to continue learning!

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