July 2009

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Fifty Years of the Four Seasons

On the anniversary of one of New York’s great modern spaces, the interior designer Kitty Hawks and Four Seasons co-owner Julian Niccolini lunch in the famous Grill Room and talk about what makes that restaurant the ultimate dining experience.

Style & Substance

Anachronistic tastes land Roman & Williams two of New York’s hottest hotels—and a quiet, little brick apartment building that looks like it might be more than a century old.

Ghost Architecture

­A high school by Paul Rudolph now awaits the same fate as the Larkin Building.

Rust to the Finish

In a moment worthy of reality television, Chemetal races to ready a weathered backdrop for New York Fashion Week.

Life After Sambo

Founded by the late Samuel Mockbee, the Rural Studio has now morphed into a hothouse of practical and pragmatic design, helping students to redefine the terms of socially relevant architecture.

Traffic Update

Dubai’s only design store extends its commitment to local talent by launching a homegrown line of furniture.

Problem Solved

At last, a folding bike that is easy to operate and doesn’t look ridiculous.

Play Ball

New York’s two teams build new stadiums. Both are designed by the same firm, which has made an industry out of translating the nostalgic impulses of baseball owners.

Float On

An elevated deck brings some much-needed green space to São Paulo.

Off-the-Shelf Genius

Is widely available computer software taking the “wow” out of wow-inducing buildings?

A Monumental Achievement

­The structural engineer of Zaha Hadid’s spectacularly complex MAXXI building offers us an exclusive sneak peek.

Conscious Consumption

­The latest kitchens make mealtime a sustainable activity.

Fearless Flying

A new competition encourages architects to design kites using any material under the sun.

Foreign Import

Inspired by a trip to Brazil, two Danish architects bring Oscar Niemeyer’s bold thinking home to Aarhus.

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