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The latest materials and finishes bring together great aesthetics, high performance, and smart technology.

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Tai Ping Foliage Rug

Designed by Sam Baron, this rug evokes a curtain of vegetation, rising up the length of a wall like the growth of ivy and then skirting along the floor.

When it comes to designing the perfect space, it’s often a challenge to find the appropriate surface material that will look good and perform well. Thankfully, there’s a wide spectrum of options available to suit almost every need.

Budget-friendly, synthetic, solid-surface composite materials are smart alternatives to expensive options like marble and granite. Take a look at quartz, for example. It’s one of the most scratch-resistant minerals available, and it’s extremely easy to care for and clean.

The increasing reliance on technology in interior spaces has resulted in improvements in that sector as well, from wireless charging stations from DuPont and the Power Matters Alliance, to touch-activated light switches from Legrand. 

Another growing concern is noise in the work-place,  which could be addressed by tile carpets from Shaw Contract Group, or felt wallcoverings from Carnegie Fabric. Here’s our roundup of surfaces, color palettes, and products that could take your design to the next level.

Maharam Arabesque Textile
Designed by Alexander Girard in 1954, this woven fabric is inspired by Islamic decorative motifs. A basket weave adds texture to the ground, while a satin weft gives the motifs a raised feel. 

Astek Layered Earth Collection

Inspired by geological and biological processes, these digitally printed wall coverings incorporate photographic elements, painterly textures, and hand-drawn lines.

DuPont Corian Duracell Powermat

DuPont has partnered with the Power Matters Alliance to create new wireless charging solutions for smart devices that can be integrated into worktops made with a DuPont Corian solid surface.

Legrand Adorne Light Switch Collection

This collection includes a switch that activates lights with the wave of a hand, and one that uses capacitive touch technology. The plates for the switches and outlets come in 32 finishes.

Designtex Bocce Wallcovering
This pattern is made of delicate crisscross lines that create a woven texture in a two-tone color palette. It’s part of Designtex’s first standard-line digitally-printed wallcovering collection, Premiere.

Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop

The cooktop surface has a natural mapping user interface that intelligently recognizes cookware’s size, shape and position to deliver heat without boundaries.

Caesarstone Classico Collection

The five new additions to the Classico™ collection (Frosty Carrina shown here) have the earthy tones of the most beautiful natural marble, combined with the stain-, scratch-, and water-resistant qualities of quartz.

Mutina Mews Tiles

Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, these porcelain stoneware tiles draw upon the textures of London’s infrastructure.

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