November 2012

The Trouble With Washington

The Trouble With Washington

The noted landscape architect dissects how clumsy, ill-considered security measures have impacted our nation’s once majestic capital.

Areca Alchemy

Tjeerd Veenhoven finds a sustainable way to transform palm leaves into a sort-of leather.

Engineering Experiences

Scott Amron’s function-driven approach to everyday rituals results in simple, almost poetic solutions.

Designed for an Open Society

Supreme Court justice Stephen G. Breyer speaks about how great public architecture helps shape and reflect our democratic values.

Cultural Continuum

As Mumbai continues to develop rapidly, Abha Narain Lambah is fighting to preserve its historic architecture.

At Home in the Office

Designers open up corporate environments to new ways of working.

Putting the Hate on Hold

A longtime opponent of Atlantic Yards visits the new Barclays Center and comes away grudgingly impressed.

Modernists At Play

The children of midcentury masters reflect on growing up in a world surrounded by design.

Faith in Design

What if creative intelligence was encouraged in our public realm? We have the precedent.

International Style

The rise and fall (and perhaps, rise again) of U.S. embassy architecture

Micro Living

The architect Haiko Cornelissen makes the most of a tight space in a dense neighborhood.

Equal Footing

Twelve architects use their professional skills to relate better to their four-legged friends.

Rereading Design for the Real World

Why does Victor Papanek’s scathing, 41-year-old critique of the profession still read as if it were written today?

No Need to Hide

Georges Moanack’s electric socket can take pride of place, at home or in the office.


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