Clear Line of Sight


Course# MET 204
Expires: August 2015
This course is AIA/CES registered for 1 LU

Read the article with the following learning objectives in mind. Then download and complete the participant exercise form here.

Clear Line of Sight
Faced with the ultimate universal design challenge, LTL Architects creates a new student center based on DeafSpace principles.

Learning Objectives:

- Understand the challenges faced by deaf and hard of hearing students. 
- Follow how LTL Architects designed a student center for the deaf and hard of hearing by using DeafSpace principles.
- Learn about DeafSpace principles and how they can be helpful in designing humane spaces for everyone.
- Learn how architecture can facilitate communication for the heard of hearing as well as other users. 

We will review your responses and submit your grade and attendance to AIA. 

Fees: $10.00 per test. 

All CEU online exercises must be submitted with a payment form in order to ensure review and grade submission to AIA. 

Thank you for participating in the Metropolis Continuing Education Program!

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