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Design’s leading voices help us identify the next wave of burgeoning talent.

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London-based architect Pernilla Ohrstedt partnered with designer Asif Khan and music producer Mark Ronson to design Coca-Cola’s pavilion for the London 2012 Olympic Park. Called the Beatbox, the facade was made from more than 200 inflated and interlocking ETFE cushions embedded with sound, light, and interactive sensor technology that responded to the movements of visitors.

Courtesy Hufton+Crow

When we began our search for pathbreaking emerging designers, we knew part of the effort would involve reaching out to influential figures in design who have an almost innate ability to spot fresh promise. All ten experts have displayed not just a sharp eye but also a gut instinct for sniffing out the future. And together they’ve helped us assemble an impressive group of new talent.

We think the Select Ten represent a generational portrait. Although their work ranges far and wide, they seem to share a way of working marked by fluidity—between the digital and the hand, between disciplines, between collaborators and colleagues. It feels less about personal expression (although all the work is uniformly expressive) and more about a shared vision. As we move forward, this seems particularly hopeful given the larger challenges ahead. In the meantime, enjoy the creative pyrotechnics on the pages below. This is just the beginning for all of them. —Martin C. Pedersen

Pernilla Ohrstedt

Selected by John Cary
A Practice for Everyday Life

Selected by Zoë Ryan
New Friends

Selected by Jamie Gray

Selected by Christopher Hawthorne
Elliott Hedman

Selected by Tim Brown
Egg Collective

Selected by John Edelman
Dirk Winkel
Selected by Nasir Kassamali
David Korins

Selected by David Rockwell
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Selected by Paola Antonelli


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Nov 3, 2013 11:36 pm
 Posted by  diamond design

An interesting collage of new materials used for innovative design projects.

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