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Living Cities, the Runners-Up

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New York Tomorrow

Airat Khusnutdinov and Zhang Liheng

New York Tomorrow is a slender steel tower imagined for Midtown Manhattan. In contrast to the anonymity and isolation that housing towers tend to propagate, it discreetly adds to the neighborhood fabric—namely through the mid-level lobby, the design's chief innovation. Working within the extreme spatial conditions of the site—18 feet by 70 feet—the team developed an intriguing structural solution. On the ground level the tower is supported by a series of mega columns, which then shift to a staggered truss system that spans the width of the tower. Shifting again, the structural members are straightened as the tower moves upward, conforming to the regular grid of the residencial units above. The design allows for the tower's vast column-free community lobby, which cantilevers over a neighboring house. “The lobby opens to the city, which could be used as a co-working area, an auditorium, etc. It transforms the whole experience of being in a residential tower, fostering communal well-being,” explain the team members.

A section revealing the generous lobby space—to host activities, parties, and other events—and the regular grid of units above it

A structural diagram illustrating the network of steel members that support the tower 

Renderings of the communal lobby space (left) and the interiors of a typical duplex unit (right)

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