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Living Cities, the Runners-Up

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The Lawn House Tower

Inki Hong and Solim Choi 
Architecture i.S

The Lawn House Tower incorporates the benefits of suburbia with the efficiencies of city living. Its design is a series of 200 family-oriented units with lawns, layered on top of each other to create a spiraling tower. These series of walkable green lawn roofs are thermally controlled, retain storm water, and are sound buffered from the above and below units. Temperature sensors are built in, which not only detect outdoor temperatures but also ambient indoor temperatures. The spiral form breaks prevailing wind, creating diffused wind passage between apartments and the lawns. Each individual unit can be fully pre-fabricated and assembled (and easily dismantled) on site. These and other features help in reducing the project’s carbon footprint.

An airborne rendering of the tower, illustrating how the indoor and lawn spaces are elegantly intertwined

The stepped section of the units allows for easy cross ventilation within apartments.

A diagram of the steel frame structure that makes the tower's great spans possible

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