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Affordable Straw Bale Senior Housing

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Rural Edge is seeking certification from Efficiency Vermont as a Vermont Energy Star Home project. During construction Efficiency Vermont provided invaluable technical assistance, including such inspections as blower door testing, some of which are currently under way. These help prevent energy losses that might result from unnoticed air leaks that can develop during construction. Energy Balance of Montpelier, Vermont is the energy consultant.  

Here, then, is a natural building alternative for putting “affordability” back into affordable housing. At the entrance to the building a “Truth” window graces the hall where the straw bale system is revealed to show how the building was made. Only time will tell the impact the Page Project will have on Rural Edge’s overall affordability approach as well as others’ around the state. 

Updated 9/3/2013 - Originally appeared in August issue of Green Energy Times.  Earlier in progress articles were published in the spring here.

All Photos Courtesy © Ward Joyce Design & Arocordis Design 



Stephen M. Frey, AIA, LEED AP, is owner and architect at Arocordis Design in Montpelier, VT, an architecture, interiors, and workplace design firm  He frequently collaborates with Ward Joyce, AIA from Ward Joyce Design.

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