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An Era of Choice

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Customers will tell you what they want, but they often don't know what they need. How many asked for the iPhone? People ask for choice but crave simplicity. Consider how people make decisions, behavioral economic theory, and personal motives. Consider organizational orthodoxies and models for change.

Empathy is not a luxury. You are not likely to be your customer or user of your product or service. Seek a deeper understanding of the user context, behaviors, goals, and activities. 

New lenses and skills will not solve all problems, but they are new tools to help us chart a course in an emerging era of choice.



Kevin Budelmann of Peopledesign saysmuch credit for this content goes to the smart people at the Institute of Design including Patrick Whitney, Jeremy Alexis, Marty Thaler, Kim Erwin, Hugh Musick, and many others. This is a lot of their thinking, here through my own lens.”

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