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Analog Assets: Digital Age

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Responsive buildings are becoming active data-gathering resources that provide organizations with insight.

For tomorrow’s buildings, sensors measuring everything from operational efficiency to user performance give administrators a clear picture of actual facilities performance. Coupled with cloud-based analytic tools, this data enables key decision makers to keep facilities in step with the fast pace of a global, connected society.

To truly bridge the innovation gap, we need to view the built environment as a system rather than as an object. Understanding the metric interdependencies among built assets, organizational culture, and resource consumption provides a roadmap to devise meaningful strategies for both facilities management and organizational development.



Mark Miller, AIA, is CEO and co-founder of MKThink, the San Francisco ideas company for the built environment, specializing in insight and invention. MKThink integrates research, analysis, design and technical services to provide thoughtful solutions to contemporary issues at the intersection of culture, architecture, and the environment. Trained as an architect and planner, Mark excels at generating and connecting building, environment, human behavior, and technology thought leadership for strategic assignments that require integrated creativity, vision, and practical implementation.

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