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Q&A: Bob Berkebile

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Courtesy Make It Right's Kansas City project

MCP: Have you had a chance to look at Architecture 2030’s “2030 Palette”?

BB: I like the idea a lot. My colleagues here are planning to be part of the pilot, to really roll this out so that others use it.

MCP: What I like about it is, it’s written and designed in an accessible way. It explains complex things in simple terms.

BB: That’s exactly what’s unique about it, and it’s exactly what’s required right now. It’s just like the early conversations in Greensburg, Kansas, after the tornado. If we’d given them the usual jargon there would have been no exploration. But because we were listening more than preaching, together we created a way to look at everything differently. The 2030 Palette invites people into the same kind of exploration.    




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