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The Landscape Architect's Guide to Boston

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Boston’s great universities are highlighted as well. A tour of Harvard University’s campus by Laura Solano, ASLA, a principal at Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, takes us to The Plaza, a brand-new public space designed by Stoss Landscape Urbanism to facilitate social interactions, as well as the calming Tanner Fountain, designed by Peter Walker, FASLA, which is a contemporary icon of landscape design.

The Plaza at Harvard University.

Courtesy Stoss Landscape Urbanism

Tanner Fountain.

Courtesy Alan Ward, FASLA

And at MIT, we now understand the simple elegance of Reed Hilderbrand’s North Court and Main Street and the incredible value of that campuses’ rich public art collection, thanks to a tour by Laura Tenny, ASLA, a landscape architect working at MIT. 

North Court and Main Street, MIT.

Courtesy Laura Tenny, ASLA

Henry Moore’s Three-Piece Reclining Figure Draped (1976) at Killian Court. MIT Public Art Collection.

Courtesy Laura Tenny, ASLA

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