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1. Design-friendly, Creation-friendly, Innovation-friendly article 10 %
2. The Secret of Innovative Corporations article 10 %
3. Design Schools Evolving article 10 %
4. "Made In" is over. Time for "Designed By." article 10 %
5. Productive Recovery article 19 %
6. The Highs and Lows of “Design Thinking”
Today’s designers need to play a strategic role to bring business into the 21s century
article 100 %
7. Design Management vs Scientific Management
Reawaken manual labor? Start in design schools
article 100 %
8. Education: Design, Creativity, and Knowledge
Why aren’t our elementary schools teaching reading, counting, and creating?
article 100 %
9. MOOCs Are Here to Stay
What lies in store for universities, business, engineering, and science schools when every ounce of knowledge is available online, for free?
article 100 %
10. Design and Corporate Social Responsibility
Is it a matter of morals or a robust bottom line? Can it be both?
article 100 %
11. Now Trending, The “In-House Designer"
By tapping into company growth opportunities, designers and engineers will vie for management positions.
article 100 %
12. Will Design Schools Educate the Managers of Tomorrow?
Design schools can become incubators for a new type of entrepreneur, one who can balance both financial and human resources.
article 100 %
13. Design and Leadership
Design’s role in the workplace is a constantly moving target due to ever-changing business models. Christian Guellerin explores design's relevance to management and leadership positions.
article 100 %
14. Is Your Company Searching for Meaning?
A new generation of businesses turn to social responsibility in its search for purpose and significance.
article 100 %
15. Shaking Up Higher Education
Gone are the days of “hard” science over “soft”. Gone is the pointless segmentation between academic research and applied research, basic research and experimental research. Barriers are breaking down.
article 100 %