September 2012

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Welcome to Williamsburg

Welcome to Williamsburg

Our intrepid columnist moves to Brooklyn's hipster epicenter

Dreams Unfulfilled

Dreams Unfulfilled

Architecture shows in Los Angeles examine the city that is, and the one that might have been.

The Creative Process | Morning Rituals - Steven Holl

The Creative Process | Morning Rituals - Steven Holl


Cecilie Manz creates an understated formal chair meant for informal meetings.

I Have Seen the Future

A new book on Norman Bel Geddes takes a fresh look at the utopian dreamer.

Old Lamps and New

Recent lighting designs run the gamut from modernist classics to LED technology.


Bohemian Rhapsody

Collaborating with global design partners, the Czech lighting-and-glass manufacturer Lasvit brings centuries of tradition and craftsmanship into the dazzling, digital present.

Computers and Crafters

Cmmnwlth’s exquisite products forge a link between tradition and technology.

Dividing Line

While New Orleans continues to debate the fate of I-10, local design students propose solutions.

Ultimate Oxymoron

Hotels are now worse for the planet than ever before. Recently built properties use twice as much energy per night as hotels built 50 years ago. Even so-called “green hotels” are often merely less-bad alternatives. Is hotel design inherently unsustainable?

Going Big

Working at all scales, Lake Flato transforms from a regional player to a national powerhouse.