Misha Volf

A Healthy Return: The Business Case for Wellbeing in the Workplace – Part 2

In a second installment of a 4-part series, Haworth hosts a Q&A with an expert panel on designing offices that support today’s workers.

Wellness Room, NRDC Offices Photo by Jasper Sanidad Workplaces are beginning to understand that in order to retain top performers, they will need to do more than put a foosball table in the lobby. Today’s most progressive organizations are attracting talent by creating workplaces that build a culture of emotional well-being in addition to supporting productivity. By supporting workers holistically,…

American Standard’s 3D-Printing Breakthrough

The manufacturer's new premium line of 3D-printed faucets represent an advance in the kitchen and bath industry.

It took years of development—and some judicious design decisions—before DXV by American Standard was able to make a breakthrough in manufacturing with its premium line of 3D-printed faucets.