Residential Architecture

The Condo, A Kind of Housing Model Every American Can Love

Between the co-op and the condominium, innovative housing solutions responded to problems of property, enclosure, and urbanity.

Mies Van Der Rohe’s 860-880 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago (c/o Wayne Andrews/Esto) The subtitle of Matthew Gordon Lasner’s High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century (Yale University Press, 2012) might suggest a story of determined residential heterodoxy. Could this book be about the rare, defiantly urban souls opting for the sleek new high-rise as the rest of the old…

Pockets of Long Island Once Went Crazy for Modernism. Why?

The simple answer is wealth and enlightened tastes. New York elites grafted Bauhaus and Taliesin ideas onto picturesque spots in an empty countryside.

Long Island at the mid-twentieth-century, you might have heard, was a place of explosive growth. Most of this was not very interesting. Sprawl. Tract housing. Billy Joel. They came with the island’s rapid suburban development. For a brighter look at the considerable architectural benefits of the period, there’s Long Island Modernism 1930-1980 by Caroline Rob Zaleski. The book is an…

How a Realtor Fell in Love With Eichler Houses and Made a Film About Them

There are 11,000 extant Joseph Eichler homes in the Bay Area. One woman's life changed when she drove by one.

Courtesy Chris Wehling I first noticed Eichlers in Sunnyvale while driving around looking at homes. When I came upon them and felt like I had landed on the moon. They were the most interesting houses that I had ever seen! And I didn’t know anything about them. I immediately drove back to my real estate office and asked people what…