Inside ARTIC, the Polymer Cathedral Connecting Southern California

The newly opened Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center connects seven transit systems under the largest span of ETFE roofing in North America.

Bringing eight modes of transportation together was not the only complex problem at the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC). The engineering firm BuroHappold worked with HOK, Parsons Brinckerhoff, and Clark Construction not only to build the largest span of ETFE roof cladding in North America, but to also reduce energy and water use by 30 percent, and achieve an…

Why Cycle Cities Are the Future

Bikes are no longer just for fanatics but a healthy, efficient, and sustainable mode of transportation alternative urban planners must consider.

No longer just for bike fanatics but a healthy, efficient, and sustainable mode of transportation alternative for urban planners

Q&A: Dan Sturges on America’s “Cultural Inertia” Around the Car

The industrial designer and electric vehicle advocate talks current developments in automotive design and what ways the industry will change in the years to come.

The industrial designer Dan Sturges may have more perspective on electric cars than anyone in the automotive industry. He began working on what he calls “small local vehicles” as early as 1988. He founded trans2 in 1991 and four years later commercially introduced the first “neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV).” Given this long history, Sturges is a firm believer in the…

“Straphanger” Reminds Us Walkable Cities Are Possible—and Necessary

Taras Grescoe’s latest book, Straphanger, is both paean to public transportation and an evisceration of car culture around the world.

I’ll admit I was a little skeptical when I cracked open Taras Grescoe’s latest book Straphanger, which is both paean to public transportation and an evisceration of car culture. Living happily car-free in New York, I feared I might be the choir to the Montrealer’s preaching. But while the book—part history, part travelogue, and part manifesto—might not seem terribly radical…

The Psychology of Getting People to Take Public Transit

It’s not enough for public transportation to be efficient. It needs to be enjoyable, fun, better than the alternative. Public transportation needs to be sexy.

If people still smoke despite knowing that smoking can kill them, why do we think that people will stop driving their cars just because they know it’s bad for the environment? This simple question was put to transportation planners everywhere by Carlos Felipe Pardo, a transportation policy specialist with a degree in psychology. The answer, most of the time, is: …

Navigating the Neutral Ground

I live on St. Charles Avenue, home to the famous New Orleans streetcar line. It’s home also (in addition to some insanely impressive houses) to one of the most unique urban spaces in America. The St. Charles Avenue streetcars run on a tree-lined strip known locally as “the neutral ground.” This is simply a “median” in other cities, but in…


    “Bike Path in Time” Joseph G. Brin © 2012 Pier 53 on the Delaware River, in Philadelphia, was the point of entry for immigrants, primarily from Eastern and Southern Europe, from the 1870’s through the early 1900’s. Demolished in 1915, it took nearly 100 years before some smart people discovered that the remaining pile of rocks, trash and rotting…