Trends: Outdoor Furniture

Teak, with its rich color and moisture-friendly properties, is increasingly ubiquitous in outside uses, although other technologies are making new ideas come to life for al fresco spaces. June 12, 2007 Categories: Furniture, Uncategorized

Trends: Textiles

With durability and eco-friendliness as standard practices, manufacturers of contract textiles can pursue other features including technological innovations or high style. June 12, 2007 Categories: Textiles, Uncategorized

Ilse Crawford

Ilse Crawford answers a few questions on interior design, inspiration, and process—using her thumbs.

Ilse Crawford answers a few questions on interior design, inspiration, and process—using her thumbs.

Alfresco Textiles

In a giant leap from the backyard patio barbecue, outdoor kitchens of surprising complexity have become a new fetish area for acquisitive homeowners. And as exterior kitchens have begat exterior dining rooms, outdoor dining rooms have sprouted outdoor living rooms. These new spaces necessitate upholstered pieces for the outdoors and are rapidly replacing simple garden furniture of metal or plastic….

Taking Textiles to the Streets

Carnegie continues on a path of targeted marketing with its Street & Sport textiles. Their imagery is meant to evoke a mix of extreme sports , graffiti and various expressions of youthful rebellion. While this type of textile might seem improbable for many contract installations, it’s aimed at the Gen-Y staffers who are the ones that specify contract textiles for…

Multi-Tasking Textiles

Takashi and Maki Ifuji established their design studio in Gifu, Japan, in 2002, and have since created a range of clever furniture, housewares, and lighting products. Their booth is part of the British European Design Group’s exhibition at this year’s ICFF and features the polyester Coprimi wine bottle cover by Maki and the reversible felt Barchetta trays by Takashi. Each…

Furniture From the Fast Lane

Designers Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çaglar make their ICFF debut with a line of seating, lighting, and assorted furniture from their studio, Autoban. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, the two interior designers often design products as part of their interior design projects. The designs clearly have classical inspiration but are pared down with simple materials and surprising forms. The Bergére Arm…

Celestial Lighting

“The concept was to capture the balance and the beauty of the curves of the traditional chandelier, without the weight,” JGoodDesign founder Jeff Goodman says of his newest work, the $5,135 Astral Chandelier. Three mouth-blown glass tubes, suspended by steel cable, overlap one another. Each tube terminates in a halogen point. The pale waves are reminiscent of the sine curves…

Remembering the Philippe Starck of 1984

Starck's prodigious talent, outsized personality, and unparalleled ability to generate press revolutionized design.

His prodigious talent, outsize personality, and unparalleled ability to generate press revolutionized design.

Graphic Designer Paula Scher Maps an Atlas of the World

The exhibition “Paula Scher: The Maps”—on view at New York’s Maya Stendhal Gallery—presents twelve painstakingly detailed map paintings.

In the early 1990s, renowned graphic designer Paula Scher began painting small, opinionated maps—colorful depictions of continents and regions, covered from top to bottom by a scrawl of words. Within a few years, the maps grew larger and more elaborate. “I began painting these things sort of in a silly way,” Scher, a partner at the Pentagram design firm, said…

Furniture Designers: Embracing Technology, Honoring Tradition

The following speech and images are excerpted from a talk Metropolis editor in chief Susan S. Szenasy delivered June 24, 2004 at the Savannah (Georgia) College of Art & Design. The occasion was a conference held by the Furniture Society. If you don’t believe that furniture is intimately connected to its user, think of two scenes from the film “Regarding…

Luisa Cevese’s Fossilized Textiles

Damaged fabrics made of precious yarns, stained tablecloths, old lace, and prayer rugs with worshipped-in holes are among the objects that end up in Luisa Cevese’s hands. The Milan-based designer, who is known for fixing fabric remnants in resin for her Riedizioni line of bags and shades, has now begun transforming damaged textiles into more rarified art objects, mats, and…

Textiles Inspired By Television

“Static Screen” is a 100% polyester, fine-knit translucent fabric with a mesmerizing, ethereal quality. It can work as an overlay or stand on its own. Knoll’s Suzanne Tick explains that the fabric “is actually static screen imagery from Channel 2. Stephen manipulated the television cord while I took a series of digital images of moving static. After about three hours,…