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Metropolis’ Dream Hotels Directory

As a companion to our April issue cover story, The Dream Hotel, we have created a Directory of the most interesting, designer-approved hotels around the world.

Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah, picked by designer Amy Lau for its great view (photo courtesy Kempinski Hotels) I have many pet peeves that, I wager, are shared by most travelers today. Among these moments of discomfort are the endless security lines and rude TSA agents, tight seats on planes, indifferent service, noisy and hyper active hotel lobbies, rooms with inoperable windows…

A Private Tour of Dining by Design

One highlight of this year’s Architectural Digest Home Design Show was DIFFA’s Dining by Design. This special exhibition features a smorgasbord of more than 40 dining environments created through a series of collaborations between designers and design brands. These whimsical installations raise funds to support direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS and preventive education for those at risk. On March 25,…

What’s Next: Hospitality

The sector that once seemed to crank out a new Nobu each week has had to learn to make do with less. Much less. To hear David Rockwell, the high priest of chichi hospitality design, tell it, that’s a good thing. “There is a greater opportunity to be more imaginative and experimental with fewer resources,” says Rockwell, whose portfolio incidentally…

Chef Alice Waters on Her Restaurant, Chez Panisse

Just as the restaurant connects to local suppliers, the Chez Panisse kitchen reaches out to diners, offering an understanding of what goes into a meal.

Just as the restaurant is connected to a community of local suppliers, the Chez Panisse kitchen reaches out to diners, offering a better understanding of what goes into a meal.

Custom Cuts

Rudy’s Barbershop–a West Coast mini-chain with national aspirations–may have a formula for growth that satisfies a new generation’s thirst for authenticity.