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1. Son of Glasgow
A new exhibition devoted to Charles Rennie Mackintosh offers an objective appraisal of the architect’s work.
article 1 %
2. Sophisticated Computer Literacy, a Necessity in the Workplace article 1 %
3. S.O.S. Shukhov: Moscow Icon Set to Be Dismantled
The Shukhov Tower, one of the 20th century's engineering marvels, is expected to be demolished and reconstructed elsewhere.
article 1 %
4. Sottsass’s ‘Architecture for People’ article 1 %
5. Sound and Silence in Architecture
German photographer Heike Buelau visually re-interprets the city as if composing a piece for chamber music
article 1 %
6. Sound Barrier
A musical art piece approaches the delicate subject of suicide prevention with an affirmation of life.
article 1 %
7. Sounding Off
Frances Anderton brings design discussion—heated and humorous—to the L.A. airwaves.
article 1 %
8. Source Materials
An increasingly robust body of research, conducted by an emerging generation of architects and designers, points the way to new methods of building and making.
article 1 %
9. Sources of Design Inspiration: A Talk with Tung Chiang
Looking at the world from different perspectives can provide intriguing results.
article 2 %
10. Sourcing It: Dawn Danby of Aylanto @ ICFF 2007 article 1 %
11. Sourcing It: Jaime Salm Creative Director of MIO Culture @ ICFF 2007 article 1 %
12. Sourcing It: StarNet Commercial Flooring Cooperative’s Fred Williamson, Director of Special Projects @ ICFF 2007 article 1 %
13. Space-Age Wisdom
What extreme environments designed for keeping humans alive in space can teach us about living on Earth
article 10 %
14. Space-Conscious Storage for Gearheads article 10 %
15. Space Craft
Tom Wiscombe’s Light-Wing for the P.S. 1 Center for Contemporary Art is as forward looking in the way it was built as it is in its form.
article 7 %
16. Space Invaders
Stanford University’s d.school fights bland work spaces, one whiteboard at a time.
article 1 %
17. Space Management from A to Z
A retrospective of Andrea Zittel’s space-conscious work reveals the intersection of art, life, and design.
article 1 %
18. Space Share
A San Francisco firm known largely for its conceptual work redesigns a workplace on a shoestring budget—and then is invited to move in with the client.
article 8 %
19. Spanish Armada
The next international design stars will come from the Iberian Peninsula.
article 1 %
20. Spanish Spaces
The division between life and labor is disappearing, as was demonstrated by the LiveWork SpanishStyle Design installation at NeoCon 2015.
article 11 %
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