Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine April 2011



Rose-Colored Glasses This month, Paul Goldberger (, the architecture critic of the New Yorker, looks back at terrible architectural predictions—for instance, George Gilder’s claim in 1995 that the metropolis was doomed: “The city, he said, was nothing but a tired relic of the industrial age. If you didn’t have to be there in an age of electronic communication, why would…


The Loft Years by Belinda Lanks The 1980s may call to mind excessive ornament and oversize luxury, but there was actually another decor movement afoot—one of contrasting restraint, resourcefulness, and functionality. If mirrored walls and cabbage-rose chintz (the interior-design equivalents of shoulder pads and leg warmers) were the symbols of Upper East Side wealth, exposed pipes and factory lamps were…

New Craft: A Return to the Hand

The renaissance of craft among artists, designers, and DIYers otherwise glued to their screens speaks to a universal longing for the tactile and real.

The renaissance of craft currently occurring among artists, architects, designers, and a generation of DIYers otherwise glued to their keyboards speaks to a universal longing for the tactile and the real.