Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine June 2003


Scaling Up for NeoCon 2003

I only arrived a half-hour late to NeoCon this year, a delay more by design than mere tardiness, since I know how congested Chicago’s River North area gets during rush hour. Showing up at 9:30, I thought, would help me miss the madness of the usual commuter crush. So I zipped along in a cab from my North Side apartment,…

More Monolithic Cork Flooring

Composed purely of recycled cork and rubber, Expanko’s XCR3 seems to have a rather high-tech name for an all-natural product. In fact, the moniker is simply an acronym for the tongue-twisting “Expanko cork-rubber, 3rd generation.” Expanko’s iteration of the cork-flooring composite, however, is the first to offer an aesthetic that’s significantly closer to a typical rubber floor in its subtler…

Three Wheelin’

In its native India the world’s largest manufacturer of scooters, Bajaj Auto Ltd., markets a three-wheel rickshaw much the same way SUVs are sold here: their catalog touts it as

Motor City

Thanks to Eero Saarinen’s flexible plan and General Motors’s commitment to design, the original GM Technical Center is still a model corporate campus.

Aura Spaces

Blurring the line between public and private, retail and residential, Michael Gabellini creates a minimalism of sensual power.

Wireless Evolution

No longer a dot-com pipedream, the “virtual office” finally works—and on a grand scale—at the new home of Norway’s telecom giant.

Old School

Princeton visiting professor Peter Eisenman throws down the gauntlet over a Gothic-style dorm.