Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine June 2007


Product Innovation

The IAC interiors were a dramatic departure from Studios Architec­ture’s previous breakthrough project—the Bloomberg New York headquarters (see “Total Design,” November 2005), where every product and design flourish reflected the brand. “Bloomberg’s culture has an absolute precision and a definition of what they are, and their spaces carry it from A to Z—their workstations look like the monitors, which look…

Rocking The Boat

The Front Runner is a bit like a vitamin-enriched soft drink: a healthier product for a market merely seeking gratification. “Boating is filled with hot-rodders and hillbillies who just want to go fast,” industrial designer Joey Ruiter says. “That’s who boat manufacturers are targeting. I’m saying that you can have the horsepower and the excitement, but you don’t have to…


It’s finally Friday, and you’re ready to plan a relaxing evening with friends. First you’d like to go to a small dimly lit bar, and then a restaurant—preferably one with seviche. Afterward you want to take in a movie (better get tickets now), and then it’s off to another few bars and maybe a karaoke joint. Everything should be within…

Coming Together

The team of designers behind a Noah’s ark gallery in Los Angeles reflects the values of the Old Testament story.

The Boardroom

Located adjacent to Barry Diller’s private office, IAC’s sixth-floor boardroom is very much a reflection of the company’s buttoned-down maverick boss: an elaborate combination of traditional wood and nontraditional technology. Because IAC makes extensive use of videoconferencing, the room became “sort of its own project within the bigger project,” says Eric Levin, director of real estate development. A guitar-pick-shaped conference…

Radical Moment

A new book of photographs captures the brief Soviet period when architecture symbolized the egalitarian promise of Communism.

Model Timeline

At Gehry Partners model making is a kinetic process. “When Frank and I work together,” Craig Webb explains, “he’ll do a sketch, I’ll do a model, he’ll do a sketch, I’ll do a model.” For IAC the process began with preliminary models based on the zoning envelope (img. 1) and spun out from there. Simple shapes—rectangles, parallelograms—came first, resulting in…

Dreaming in Code

Jonathan Harris distills the Web’s infinite avalanche of thoughts, facts, and feelings into exquisitely framed portraits of humanity.