Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine September 2008


Health and Happiness

Architex’s Rx 7000 collection, which won a NeoCon Gold Award over the summer, combines soothing imagery with durable Trevira CS fiber that can withstand the beating it’s likely to encounter as a hospital privacy curtain, drapery, or bedspread. Two patterns by Angela Adams (Happy is pictured) stand out for their handsome geometry and bold colors. Adams’s Pop naturalism may not…


ADRÉRE AMELLAL Siwa, Egypt The sustainable thinking behind this lodge may be as ancient as the 12,000-year-old desert community where it’s located. To build it, the hotel’s founder, Mounir Neamatalla, restored and extended century-old homes using the traditional building material kershef—a mixture of rock salt and mud—which he studied under the guidance of the region’s oldest master builders. A natural…

Rug Refresher

Gloria Finn, a rug artist who translated the works of Milton Avery and Anni Albers into floor coverings, has left her legacy to daughter Rosemary Hallgarten in more ways than one. A textile artist in her own right, Hallgarten has recently revived one of her mother’s Gio Ponti designs—albeit in fresh colorways. Just try to imagine the Italian Modernist coming…

Eco Innkeepers

The term green hotel was once an oxymoron. No more. Here’s a look at some of hospitality’s most sustainable lodgings.

The Chinese Century

Thomas J. Campanella’s new book explores the implications—and contradictions—of China’s rapid urbanization.

Rekindling a Tradition

When today’s starchitects want to demonstrate their artistic range (and extend their brand), they design a chair, teapot, or piece of jewelry. About a century ago, the celebrated Prairie School architects, working in Chicago, chose pottery as a vehicle to design for the masses. Hired by the American Terra Cotta and Ceramic Company, they produced Teco pottery, affordable ceramics that…

Learning From Italy

Let us celebrate a unique place where design, the environment, and humanism are firmly rooted in culture and history.

Back on Track?

­A show devoted to the early impact of trains opens just as railways in the United States are showing new signs of life.

A Masterful Match

It took years of color-analysis trials for Pittsburgh Paints to match the hues Frank Lloyd Wright originally selected for Fallingwater, his 1939 masterpiece built above a stream in Mill Run, Pennsylvania. But you can now achieve the same results in the time it takes to apply two coats: the company’s new line of commercial paints—available without VOCs—faithfully replicates 13 distinctive…

Design After Franco

Delayed by decades of civil war and dictatorship, contemporary Spanish design is now a force to be reckoned with in the international furniture-and-lighting scene.

Blob Mentality

A home-improvement project by Greg Lynn evolves into the Blobwall, a modular wall system produced by Panelite.

Carbon Footprint

SCANDIC HOTEL Stockholm, Sweden It is probably a bad idea to drive a Hummer to a Scandic Hotel. It is probably a bad idea to leave it idling while you run in looking for a ­single-packed toiletry item (which you won’t find) and an equally bad idea to ask the staff to change your sheets every night. It is definitely…