Augmented Possibility

After we got our dream team of architects and designers to come up with their brilliant solutions for the inclusive city of tomorrow, we needed a cover for our October issue that would be worthy of the ideas inside. So we decided to take a step into the future ourselves, with augmented reality. This incredible technology has to be seen,…’s Co-Founder on Living in a Culture of Savvy Design Enthusiasts

Bradford Shellhammer talks the e-commerce site's expansion into fashion design and how high-end, niche markets are now increasingly more accessible.

When I heard that, a flourishing e-commerce site that recently reached the 2 million mark in membership and that this month, the site is introducing five new vertical shops, I wanted to get a peek behind the scenes. So I went to Bradford Shellhammer, co-founder with Jason Goldberg, the business genius behind the success story of, a site…