What’s It Take to Preserve a Brutalist Building?

Attempts to rehabilitate these concrete buildings will likely be caught between conflicting aims of energy-related building codes and conservation standards.

Single-glazed curtain wall, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Gund Hall (John Andrews, completed 1969). All photos courtesy Bruner/Cott Today we face the challenge of a divided voice among preservationists: There are those who have a long-held reverence of original materials and those who recognize this way of thinking as unrealistic for many modern buildings. The preservation ethic that has guided American…

In a Hostile Context, How Can We Save Brutalist Buildings?

These buildings are now approaching their senior years, and most are showing problems that could be difficult and costly to mitigate.

Holyoke Center, Harvard University (Josep Lluis Sert, completed 1961) Courtesy Bruner/Cott Modernist buildings have been under attack in the U.S. for years now. We’re reminded of this fact every day as our team at Bruner/Cott & Associates works to keep an entire period of architecture from being lost in Boston, our hometown. News of the recent thwarted attempt—for the moment,…