For Four Years Now, Indiana University Has Held Energy Challenges

But has it brought them any closer to becoming a fully sustainable campus?

How do you convince 49,000 students, faculty, and staff at Indiana University (IU) to turn off lights and computers, to walk up stairs instead of taking the elevator, and to turn off the water a minute or two earlier in the shower? How do you convince an entire community to become more aware of their daily energy use and the…

Plastic “Trees” Generate Energy From Wind

A joint research team from Cornell and China's Northwestern Polytechnic University are prototyping an alternative tool for harvesting wind.

Image via There have been many suggestions on how to harness wind to power buildings or just to produce more clean sources of energy to add to the grid. The problem is that many of these technologies are prohibitively expensive, so that the cost of producing the devices is not offset by the amount of energy they produce. At…