Foster + Partners

Lord Foster Takes Bucky Fuller’s Dymaxion Car for a Spin

A former student of Fuller's, architect Norman Foster set out to recreate the eccentric engineer's stab at automotive design.

Norman Foster is not an easy architect to get on the phone. We’ve covered a number of Foster + Partners’ projects in the past, and requests for interviews with the boss were often met with “Lord Foster is traveling in Asia” or “out of the office until the end of the month.” So, while reporting on Foster’s remake of Bucky…

Venice’s “Common Ground” Gives Way to Common Edge

The Biennale would have been more effective in its aims if it highlighted the way seemingly divergent groups of ideologies already work together.

Later this month the 2012 Venice Architectural Biennale will come to a close, so perhaps now is a good time to reflect on this year’s theme of “common ground.” I traveled to Venice in October to check out some of the exhibits, which represented everything from abstract intellectual concepts to concrete solutions for the most stubborn challenges in planning and design…