Hurricane Katrina

Tulane’s MSRED Program Pairs Architecture Students With Local Clients

Graduates from the program will enter the job market armed with a real project to reference in interviews, and a practitioner to use as a job reference.

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” –Chinese Proverb After Hurricane Katrina and the spectacular failure of the levees, nothing is purely academic in New Orleans. This is certainly true of Tulane University, in particular the School of Architecture, and the role it has played in NOLA’s recovery and rejuvenation. Building on the school’s…

Q&A: Tim Duggan on Make It Right’s Plans for New Orleans

Landscape Architect Tim Duggan talks with Martin Pedersen about his life, career, and whether we should rebuild New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward.

Although 2012 Game Changer Tim Duggan would never describe them that way, the series of events that led him into landscape architecture almost feels like some sort of divine intervention. Some time in the late 1990s, Duggan was working on a backyard project in suburban Kansas City (Tim’s late father was a concrete contractor). It involved moving three hundred pound…

Q&A: Tom Darden, Executive Director of Make It Right

The 32-year-old executive director talked about the background of this seminal project, its unforeseen challenges, and its potential for global impact.

On my second week in New Orleans, on a sweltering August day, I went on a bus tour of the Lower Ninth Ward, sponsored by the local AIA chapter. It was a dispiriting experience. While much of the city had seen its fortunes rise, the Lower Ninth, the neighborhood most affected by Hurricane Katrina, was still a kind of lunar…