Leon Krier

Timeline: A Decade of Gehry’s Missed Changes

Even a starchitect like Frank Gehry can’t completely escape the hair-pulling vicissitudes of the profession.

Leon Krier’s recent broadside against Frank Gehry’s proposed design for the Eisenhower Memorial in Washington, D.C., had me thinking about the world’s most famous architect. For a man who created one of the most important buildings of the 20th century, Gehry, who turns 83 in a couple of days, has hit a fair number of potholes in recent years. Here’s…

Krier: Gehry’s Eisenhower Memorial Is an “Anti-Monument”

Leon Krier condemns the controversial memorial design and sees a change to put an end to the decades-long "disfiguring" of the nation's capital.

Early design of the memorial Memorial design images courtesy Gehry Partners The Eisenhower Memorial competition and project have stirred a remarkable polemic, the center of which is not President Eisenhower or Washington, D.C. but Frank Gehry and the values he promulgates. I am writing not as an enemy of Mr. Gehry but as a lover of what the nation’s capital for two centuries…