September 11

Visiting the 9/11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan

The memorial merges design and art in a way that evokes a vacuous absence. It feels appropriate, even poignant.

All photos by Paul Clemence Last weekend I went to check out the new World Trade Center; I’ve been following its rise from my window in Brooklyn. I was prepared to deal with hoards of sightseers and extra-tight security, this being the weekend before the 9/11 anniversary. Though curious to see the National 9/11 Memorial, I had not had a…

The Other Memorials: The Poignant, Ephemeral Posters of 9/11

After the 9/11 attacks, DIY and ad hoc monuments sprung up across the city. A decade later, these unofficial memorials remain with us like scar tissue.

While the official memorializaton of 9/11 lurched forward in an often messy public process, DIY and ad hoc monuments sprung up across the city. Many remain today as raw, unfiltered expressions of a grieving community.

This Westchester Memorial Is Everything the WTC, Regrettably, Won’t Be

Those seeking succor in architectural monuments—hopeless optimists, surely—might want to skip Ground Zero and take the train upstate.

Quick: think of a good contemporary memorial. No, not that one we’ve all heard quite enough about: Maya Lin’s shrine to the Vietnam War—a wonderful thing, a bolt from the blue, a one-in-a-million shot—a modern design that people actually respond to, but clearly neither a reproducible scheme nor useful as precedent, as the attempts of Lin’s imitators and her own…