For Steven Holl, Morning Watercolors Are Akin to Meditation

For visualizing concepts and pulling all aspects of a project together, the architect is a firm believer in the art of the watercolor.

All of Steven Holl’s buildings begin the same way: with an intuitive brush stroke, usually first thing in the morning. “For me, drawing is a form of thought,” he says. “I start every project with a concept diagram. I used to do pencil drawings. Those took eight hours. Around 1979, I streamlined it to five-by-seven-inch watercolors, because they were easy…

For Four Years Now, Indiana University Has Held Energy Challenges

But has it brought them any closer to becoming a fully sustainable campus?

How do you convince 49,000 students, faculty, and staff at Indiana University (IU) to turn off lights and computers, to walk up stairs instead of taking the elevator, and to turn off the water a minute or two earlier in the shower? How do you convince an entire community to become more aware of their daily energy use and the…