AEC Professionals, Embrace the Full Potential of WFH

If you haven't yet liberated yourself from professional conventions, illustrator Chanel Dehond has some suggestions for how you can self-actualize outside the frame of your video camera.

Wfh Mullet Leed Specialist By Chanel Dehond

1920px by 1080px. That’s as much of your life as your bosses, colleagues, contractors, or clients are seeing at this point. Let this fact liberate you.

Remember, what goes on outside that frame is nobody’s business but yours. No matter what you do for a living in the AEC industry, illustrator and HLW‘s senior design strategist Chanel Dehond wants you to embrace your WFH mullet, use that virtual background, and go easy on yourself.

If your remote work situation hasn’t gotten this crazy yet, take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back. You’re doing just fine!

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