Exporting the Quad: The American Influence on Global Campus Design

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The American ideal of the campus for higher education—quads, diags, ovals, tree lined lawns—has stuck in the imaginations of university planning the world over. The growth in the global education market is enormous. Last year there were nearly 600,000 international students enrolled in U.S. colleges, and as economies around the world expand so does the need for education, and the design of campuses, in those countries. The article “Exporting the Quad” from the July/August 2008 issue of Metropolis takes a critical look at the design market in the education world at home and abroad and looks at the importance of a master plan in creating an educational community across a range of places.

Learning Objectives

– Identify how the American model for educational design has exported to countries across the world
– Determine specific design techniques that create an educational community acrossa range of existing site plans
– Compare cultural preferences for architecture and design of campuses

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