GAME CHANGERS 2019: 6 Individuals, Practices, and Movements Changing Design

We are proud to present our Game Changers 2019, who are advancing architecture, design, urbanism with courage, compassion, and imagination.
Game changers metropolis magazine 2019

Rosa Sheng founded Equity by Design, which is also led by Lilian Asperin, Julia Mandell, and Annelise Pitts. Courtesy John Lee

At the start of each year, Metropolis names a group of Game Changers—practitioners, advocates, and leaders who are shaping the future of architecture and design. Uniting this year’s group is a tenacity for seeking answers to questions that have long remained intractable or even undefinable. From fighting for equity and diversity within architectural offices and projects to imagining new relationships between art, popular culture, and commerce, our 2019 Game Changers represent the full power of design.

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