Metropolis’s Best of 2018: Our 10 Most Popular Stories

From the women who built Socialist Yugolsavia to a 360-video tour of Zaha Hadid's first New York City project, each of these articles earned their top spot with a unique angle on architecture and design.
metropolis magazine 10 most popular articles

Europe’s first 3D-printed house, designed by local architect Massimiliano Locatelli, was assembled entirely on-site in Milan, one of Metropolis’s 2018 Powerhouse Design Cities. Courtesy Luca Rotondo

As 2018 concludes, we’re revisiting this year’s top stories: from products to drawings, buildings, controversies, and more. Enjoy the selection below, but be sure to find our other “Best of 2018” lists as they come online!

At Metropolis, we strive to cover the most compelling architecture and design stories—but we’re just as eager to see what you, the reader, find the most interesting. So, we always look back to see what you enjoyed the most. This year’s ten most popular stories truly ran the gamut: there were time-tested favorites like our Design Cities list and crowd-pleasers like Zaha Hadid’s 520 W. 28th St. (shown in 360-video!). But there were certainly some unexpected winners, like The Miller Hull Partnership’s speculative nature-focused plan for a defunct Seattle tunnel.

Did you catch all ten during 2018? Scroll through the list below to ensure you’re not missing out!

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