NJ Reports an Uptick in Residential Architecture

Philip S. Kennedy-Grant, FAIA, keynote speaker and principal at Kennedy-Grant

While the American economy continues to slumber, one area of business in New Jersey is, optimistically, waking up. The architecture community is seeing a resurgence of growth in residential building, and, as a result, an increasing need for the services of architects. (According to a report by the AIA, for the first time since 2007, the industry has reported two consecutive quarters of increased demand for residential architects.) In response to this trend, AIA New Jersey chapter is sponsoring a new seminar on the business and ethics of architecture. The program will educate architects, particularly young ones looking to set up shop, in the basics of administering a successful practice. “We’ll talk about the fundamental ideas architects can put in place to empower them to become better business people,” says Steve Whitehorn, managing principal at Whitehorn Financial Group, who will speak about business development, minimizing risk, and transition planning.

The day-long event takes place on Thursday, October 25 at the Holiday Inn in the Somerset section of Franklin Township. Some topics to be covered include improving profitability, how to strengthen the economic solvency of your practice, and ways to gain a competitive advantage in the market. The seminar’s keynote speaker will be Philip Kennedy-Grant, a local architect who has been serving the New Jersey region since 1979. Lawrence Powers Esq., of the Construction Law Practice Group at Hoagland Longo, Moran, Dunst, and Doukas LLP—named “Lawyer of the Year 2012” by Best Lawyers in Construction Litigation for the Woodbridge, NJ metropolitan area—will give advice on legalities and ethics. Architect and entrepreneur Kirby Wu will discuss budgeting. Other speakers include Andrew Harmelin talking about cash flow and Frank Mruk, associate dean of business and strategic planning at New York Institute of Technology. The program looks to provide a wealth of information and resources at a time when architects are well positioned in the market to take full advantage of them.

Laurie Manfra is a freelance architecture and design journalist based on Long Island. She can be reached at morningglory1978@gmail.com.

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