Andrew Blum

Acting Like a Start-Up

After designing offices for a veritable who’s who of Silicon Valley tech firms, Studio O+A has a new challenge: bringing the behemoths back to their renegade roots.

Style & Substance

Anachronistic tastes land Roman & Williams two of New York’s hottest hotels—and a quiet, little brick apartment building that looks like it might be more than a century old.

Tracking The Future

On the eve of Barack Obama’s New New Deal, a series of compelling photographs illustrates the divide between repair and renewal, despair, and hope.

Saint Brad

With his Make It Right project in New Orleans, Pitt may be on his way to becoming architecture’s most important patron. Is architecture up for the challenge?

Carbon Neutral U

In the age of global warming, the greening of the American college campus is a largely grassroots effort driven by students, faculty, and in-house staff dedicated to sustainable thinking.

The Elementalist

Brad Cloepfil’s emerging body of work may symbolize a shift away from glib shape-making toward a more timeless and lasting architecture.

Dreaming in Code

Jonathan Harris distills the Web’s infinite avalanche of thoughts, facts, and feelings into exquisitely framed portraits of humanity.

The Green Urban Office

With natural lighting and amenities for transportation, HOK’s downtown Toronto studios set the gold standard for office interiors.

Greener Education

Parks and organizations worldwide are learning “public-space management” from the Central Park Conservancy.

The Active Edge

Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Brooklyn Bridge Park seems destined to become New York’s third great urban landscape.

From the Ashes

A photographic exhibition on the centennial of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake shows a city determined to rebuild.

The Peace Maker

As he works on the landscape at the de Young museum in San Francisco, observers wonder: can Walter Hood bridge the divide between public space and in-your-face architecture?

Project: Play

At the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Hank Koning and Julie Eizenberg weren’t afraid to make a mess.

Civic Duties

San Francisco’s Public Architecture forges a model for fitting pro bono services into a firm’s regular practice.

San Francisco’s (Public) Space Cadets

The Department of Space and Land Reclamation-West (DSLR-West) is not quite a San Francisco city agency in the conventional sense, but that fact didn’t stop its members from working overtime Oct. 2-5 to re-imagine the Bay City’s geography. From its…

Solar Power Goes Urban at S.F.’s Moscone Center

Over the last few months, the concrete-colored roof of the Moscone Convention Center in downtown San Francisco has turned completely black, blanketed by 30,000 square feet of photovoltaic (PV) panels. The building—which is owned by the City and County of…

Change Is Good

Whether he’s shaking up tired office furnishings or pushing a radical design theory called Massive Change, Bruce Mau is unafraid to tangle with the status quo.

The Anti-Big Dig

Two Toronto architects reimagine urbanism’s bête noir—the blighted space beneath an elevated highway.

The Next Wave

Aboard a new firm called Lolah, an unlikely crew of traditional boat builders and high-end designers finds itself riding high on the sometimes choppy waters of modern furniture design.

Sound Barrier

A musical art piece approaches the delicate subject of suicide prevention with an affirmation of life.