Andrew Caruso

Q&A: Paul Goldberger on Architecture Criticism

Paul Goldberger spends a few moments to reminisce about the “short break” he took from journalism—one that led to the Pulitzer Prize in 1984.

Paul Goldberger, Photo by James Callanan It’s rare to find someone willing to pay for opinions these days, and rarer still to be known for them. Yet, Paul Goldberger has crafted a career by objectively navigating the subjective. As an arbiter of quality in architecture and design for nearly four decades, he spends a few moments with me to reminisce about…

Roundtable: Calatrava, Childs, and Libeskind on the World Trade Center

The trio discuss architecture's healing powers, the function of symbolism, and the spiritual need to rebuild.

1 World Trade Center rendering Courtesy SOM/dbox studio Heroic. Contemplative. Grieving. Victorious. The rebirth of the former World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan has engendered significant public reaction and reflection. With implications as complex as they are profound, it is not surprising that it has taken more than a decade to heal the urban scars of September 11, 2001….