Andrew Yang

No Rules

At Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile this spring, the conceptualist Swedish product designers of Front exhibited a video game called “The Representation of Things.” They reengineered an existing game to explore qualities of objects that might not be available when working purely in real space—an idea that began as an outgrowth of creating nonmaterial forms with 3-D modeling software. While…

Building Block

By rendering the most basic urban element vertically, MVRDV gives rise to a distinctive housing model.

Concrete Jungle

Tall trees, lush ferns, leafy canopies—you can see them all in Boska, a windowless restaurant that opened recently in Plaza Escenaria, in Mexico City’s San Jeronimo neighborhood. Local architect Michel Rojkind and industrial designer Hector Esrawe have created a forest motif for the interior. Wood is featured prominently throughout the design—from the trunklike strip of teak that runs diagonally across…

Takeout: 2025

Putting a futuristic spin on that ubiquitous New York space, Studio Gaia designs a “boutique” deli.

Light Sculpting

Using a series of ingenious curtains, Petra Blaisse remakes a Belgian house, creating interiors of dramatic complexity.

Murakami Exhibit is a Popular Culture ‘Explosion’

In the years after Japan was defeated in World War II, the country went into a state of numbing shock. The atomic bombs dropped on Japan not only obliterated entire cities and wiped out generations of people, but also left the country’s citizens questioning their identity and culture. Some of the creative results of this post-war reflection are chronicled in…

Crossing Guard

Over the past several years street-crossing signals featuring countdown lights have slowly appeared at intersections in various cities, informing pedestrians how much time they have to cross. In Taipei this idea received a new twist with the addition of a green man that runs increasingly faster as time runs out. The LED figure’s motion is animated in a sequence of…

The Art of War

A show housed in bunkers on Kinmen Island addresses the legacy of conflict between Taiwan and China.

Instant City

Work has begun on a huge project in South Korea. KPF looks to plan and build a $25 billion town of 100,000 people—in ten years.

Ed Feiner: From Government Architect to SOM Director

When it was announced in the beginning of this year that Ed Feiner, the chief architect of the General Service Administration (GSA) and founder of its Design Excellence and the Arts Program, would be retiring as of January 31, the design community knew that it would be losing one of its leaders. No more than two weeks after the announcement…

The Chill Room

To mark its accession to the United Nations, the Swiss government bestowed the organization with a new interior for its famous headquarters.

Design Hits the Toddler Set at NY Store

“I definitely would not have had the idea if my son hadn’t been born,” says Lisa Mahar, owner and founder of Kid-O, a four-month-old toy shop located in Greenwich Village. Trained as an architect, she conceived of the store, which offers a range of stylish and well-designed kids’ toys, when she couldn’t find any playthings to give her now two-year-old…