Author: Belinda Lanks

Assigned Seating

MANUFACTURER Wilsonart Every year Wilsonart presents an undergraduate class of industrial-design students a simple brief: using laminate (the company’s core product), build an eye-catching yet functional chair that is strong enough to hold 400 pounds. The winner receives a…


The Loft Years by Belinda Lanks The 1980s may call to mind excessive ornament and oversize luxury, but there was actually another decor movement afoot—one of contrasting restraint, resourcefulness, and functionality. If mirrored walls and cabbage-rose chintz (the interior-design equivalents…

Art and Commerce

A stunning series of postcards from turn-of-the-century Vienna was initially conceived as a money-making venture.


Luca Nichetto’s new stacking chair may be the first-ever furnishing inspired by kissing robots.