Belinda Lanks

Assigned Seating

MANUFACTURER Wilsonart Every year Wilsonart presents an undergraduate class of industrial-design students a simple brief: using laminate (the company’s core product), build an eye-catching yet functional chair that is strong enough to hold 400 pounds. The winner receives a…


The Loft Years by Belinda Lanks The 1980s may call to mind excessive ornament and oversize luxury, but there was actually another decor movement afoot—one of contrasting restraint, resourcefulness, and functionality. If mirrored walls and cabbage-rose chintz (the interior-design equivalents…

Art and Commerce

A stunning series of postcards from turn-of-the-century Vienna was initially conceived as a money-making venture.


Luca Nichetto’s new stacking chair may be the first-ever furnishing inspired by kissing robots.

The Green Vanguard: R is for Recycled

Designed by Kevin Crowley: UNSTITCHED UTILITIES Once used primarily in construction and for mailing envelopes, Tyvek has become the darling material of industrial designers, who have fashioned it into everything from lamp shades to shower curtains. Just as we were…

The Green Vanguard: E is for Electric Bicycle

Designed by MIT’s SENSEable City Lab Copenhagen may seem pleasantly rife with bikers—36 percent of commuters cycle to work—but the city wants even more of its citizens to take to the paths. In order to get half of the population…

Five-Star Reception

Some of our favorite architects and interior designers take us on an evocative tour of their ultimate hotel spaces, places, and experiences.

Greening the Urban Skyline

EMPIRE STATE BUILDING New York City America’s iconic skyscraper gets a retrofit aimed at cutting energy use almost 40 percent. Forty-three percent of New York City office space was built before 1945. So if the city stands a chance of…

Inherent Drama

New York is no stranger to architectural controversy—the Atlantic Yards, the ongoing drama at Ground Zero—and this month the city will be home to two new plays about the recurring tension between an architect’s grand intentions and a client’s conflicting…

W Hotels Goes Local

With 15 locations in the works, the boutique-hospitality brand is taking a site-sensitive approach to building its global empire.

Kit of Parts

The open-source model has begun to make inroads into the world of industrial design. Now an innovative new program attempts to bring that ethos to the scale of buildings.

Street Style

  In a year when infrastructure was a political buzzword, it’s no surprise that cities have recaptured our imagination. Towering skyscrapers, detailed street maps, and geometric city grids have popped up on everything from wallpaper to housewares and handkerchiefs. Pictured…

Fifty Years of the Four Seasons

On the anniversary of one of New York’s great modern spaces, the interior designer Kitty Hawks and Four Seasons co-owner Julian Niccolini lunch in the famous Grill Room and talk about what makes that restaurant the ultimate dining experience.