Christian Guellerin

Report Highlights Design’s Role in European Cities’ Growth

A new report promotes design as a key strategy for economic development of European cities, but neglects to mention the role of design education.

The European Design Leadership Board recently made 21 proposals to promote design, signalling  that the European Commission may be, finally, aware of the issues at stake. A small book, published earlier this month in Helsinki by European Commission, presents a study by international experts in innovation. Design for Growth and Prosperity details the recommendations of the European Leadership Board. Its…

Creating Creation Professionals: Design Schools Get Business Savvy

The responsibility of design schools is evolving away from training “creative individuals” and towards educating “creation professionals.”

In our turbulent socio-economic climate an impressive number of remarkable opportunities are awaiting design schools. Like society and business, design schools face a time of innovation challenges. In many countries design schools have already instituted forward thinking changes during the past decade. But this evolution is just starting. Today design schools are laying the groundwork to become “centers of innovation”…