David Sokol

Design Bugs Out

The Design Council and the Department of Health partner to combat the spread of infection in U.K. hospitals.

Local Flavor

A working-class community in Rotterdam gets an economic boost, thanks to an ingenious snack truck.

Learning from Lerner

The former mayor of Curitiba, Brazil is carrying his message of sustainability to the world’s burgeoning cities. Lesson one: get rid of your car.

Forged Czech

Inside a 1970s Hilton in Prague, David Collins concocts a restaurant with historic flavor.

Choice Materials

Three experts look at the green strategies behind a model apartment created as a showcase for sustainable thinking.

8 On The Inside

Opulent, exuberant, and largely imported from the West, Dubai’s interior design exhibits the same sort of flash as the city’s over-the-top architecture.

New Uniforms

­Arik Levy responds to the pervasiveness of athletic wear with a fashion-forward line for urbanites.

Trends: Recyclorama

Nowadays, with so many products claiming to be green, it may be hard to know which ones are truly sustainable. To guide you through the murky waters, many of these products make their recycled content visible to the naked eye.

Trends: Good Wood

Trees felled by storms or developers’ backhoes are spared the mulch pile thanks to these designers, who convert the trash into treasure. Similarly, companies are reclaiming wood planks from old buildings to create contemporary furniture.

Trends: My Totally 80s ICFF

Paging Alexis Carrington. Patent leather, gold leaf, black-and-white palettes, and other Big 80s decorating tricks strutted fabulously through the Javits Center as if it were a Denver mansion. In another nod to the decade, several oversize pieces seem summoned by…

Trends: Presto Change-o

In the last several years, ICFF has been a veritable delivery room for contemporary baby furniture. Now, designers are looking to the needs of mod kids: Modular pieces or multi-tasking parts allow little users to change the function or character…

Trends: Graphic Content

Product designers are outfitting furniture with an extra layer of clothing by printing, etching, and applying maximalist images and patterns onto otherwise minimalist forms. Click [here] for a closer look at this trend.

Trends: Material Marriages

Using otherwise familiar fabrication techniques, designers are merging materials that once seemed like strange bedfellows. The results, which meld warm and cold, masculine and feminine, and other odd-couple properties, prove that opposites do attract. Click [here] for a closer look…

Trends: They’re Crafty!

ICFF is going to Hella in a handbasket, and conversations about where design ends and craft begins are surely ringing among the Javits Center aisles. Designers are using traditional craft materials like boiled and felted wool or incorporating handwork into…

Reviving the Plan

An enlightened real estate broker lovingly restores a Paul Rudolph house with the goal of preserving a masterpiece—and making a profit.

Culture Shock

Designers Stine Gam and Enrice Fratesi, a Dane and an Italian, were in a relationship for a year before they founded their fledgling design firm. On combining work and play, Gam says, “For us it’s no problem. It’s like a…

Tucker Robbins Selects

In the Philippines, massive acacia trees line the highways and intrude upon people’s yards. When these giants become too much of a nuisance (road expansion projects, a precariously tilted tree in the backyard), the acacais typically are felled and scrapped.…

Decorative Assemblages

Recent Royal College of Art graduate Catherine Hammerton calls herself a modern-day magpie. She sourced antique papers, fabrics, trims, even trinkets, from all over Europe to create the centerpiece wallpaper in her “Collection” installation at ICFF. Cutouts of birds, floral…

Koi in a Hurry

“We’ve called it ‘flowery light-y wall tiles’,” says Adam Bottomley, one half (with Kirsten Jones) of the London design firm Koi. You can’t blame the duo for not yet naming their new cladding—they only designed and fabricated it three days…

Lite Brite Gets Frilly

To make its chandeliers, the boys of the Brooklyn neon studio Lite Brite print out a 1:1 scale paper template on which they place off-the-shelf neon tubing. They torch the glass to approximately 2,000 degrees so they can manipulate it…

Mirrors and Metaphors

Beirut designer Karen Chekerdijan remembers walking into her agent’s gallery one day, searching for a mirrored stainless-steel table she had designed. Thanks to those reflecting surfaces, the table had disappeared in the little landscape of the gallery. The faceted brass…

One Couch, Infinite Options

Memory foam—it’s not just for the geriatric or infomercial-watching crowds. This so-called “jelly foam” fills Francesco Binfaré’s On the Rocks sofa. “We wanted you to sit like you were on a cloud,” according to Franca Altieri, a company rep from…

100% Recycled

While ICFF is the place to find shiny new furnishings and accessories, some exhibitors produce the stuff that dreams are made of. The Salt Lake City company 3Form is one of them, and their newest product, 100 Percent, just made…

A Built-In Tea Party

A moment of preciousness in the Austrian pavilion: little porcelain treasures handmade in the Vienna factory of Augarten Wien. The teapots, sugar bowls, and creamers of the company’s Orient line are delicate, traditional shapes topped with knobs in the shape…