Author: David Sokol

8 On The Inside

Opulent, exuberant, and largely imported from the West, Dubai’s interior design exhibits the same sort of flash as the city’s over-the-top architecture.

New Uniforms

­Arik Levy responds to the pervasiveness of athletic wear with a fashion-forward line for urbanites.

Trends: Recyclorama

Nowadays, with so many products claiming to be green, it may be hard to know which ones are truly sustainable. To guide you through the murky waters, many of these products make their recycled content visible to the naked eye.

Trends: Good Wood

Trees felled by storms or developers’ backhoes are spared the mulch pile thanks to these designers, who convert the trash into treasure. Similarly, companies are reclaiming wood planks from old buildings to create contemporary furniture.

Trends: My Totally 80s ICFF

Paging Alexis Carrington. Patent leather, gold leaf, black-and-white palettes, and other Big 80s decorating tricks strutted fabulously through the Javits Center as if it were a Denver mansion. In another nod to the decade, several oversize pieces seem summoned by…

Trends: Presto Change-o

In the last several years, ICFF has been a veritable delivery room for contemporary baby furniture. Now, designers are looking to the needs of mod kids: Modular pieces or multi-tasking parts allow little users to change the function or character…

Trends: They’re Crafty!

ICFF is going to Hella in a handbasket, and conversations about where design ends and craft begins are surely ringing among the Javits Center aisles. Designers are using traditional craft materials like boiled and felted wool or incorporating handwork into…

Trends: Material Marriages

Using otherwise familiar fabrication techniques, designers are merging materials that once seemed like strange bedfellows. The results, which meld warm and cold, masculine and feminine, and other odd-couple properties, prove that opposites do attract. Click [here] for a closer look…

Trends: Graphic Content

Product designers are outfitting furniture with an extra layer of clothing by printing, etching, and applying maximalist images and patterns onto otherwise minimalist forms. Click [here] for a closer look at this trend.

Reviving the Plan

An enlightened real estate broker lovingly restores a Paul Rudolph house with the goal of preserving a masterpiece—and making a profit.