Eva Hagberg

Fresh Purpose

Noll & Tam gives the 40-year-old El Cerrito Recycling and Environmental Resource Center a net-zero update.

History Lesson

The architect Piero Lissoni slips a thoroughly modern glass addition into a grand old building in the center of Amsterdam.


Whether in a dramatic hillside home in California or an AIDS clinic in South Africa, Stan and Jess Field look first to the land.

Bedside Manner 101

Stanford University’s new medical school, designed by NBBJ, places a premium on hands-on learning and the cultivation of “people skills” often sadly lacking in doctors everywhere.

Twelve West

From the locally crafted interior to the wind turbines on its roof, the new offices for Zimmer Gunsul Frasca have a distinctly made-in-Portland feel.

Carbon Footprint

SCANDIC HOTEL Stockholm, Sweden It is probably a bad idea to drive a Hummer to a Scandic Hotel. It is probably a bad idea to leave it idling while you run in looking for a ­single-packed toiletry item (which you…


SVA: Nigel Sielegar and Nicole Marinake How many pairs of shoes/glasses do you own? Nigel: Eight pairs of shoes and three pairs of glasses. Nicole: I have too many shoes to count, and I don’t wear glasses. I wear sunglasses,…

We See You@ICFF:DesignGlut

Kegan Fisher and Liz Kinnmark of DesignGlut How many pairs of shoes/glasses do you own? Kegan: I’m not really a shoe person. I have maybe six, seven. Glasses I have one. Liz: Ten, I would say. Think of something else…

We See You@ICFF:Adam Simha

Adam Simha/MKS Design How many pairs of shoes/glasses do you own? Two glasses. And eight pairs of shoes. Think of something else ICFF can stand for. I Can’t Fall Far. If you could build a piece of furniture out of…

We See You@ICFF:Geoffrey Lilge

Geoffrey Lilge Geoffrey Lilge Design How many pairs of shoes/glasses do you own? Two pairs of glasses and thirty pairs of shoes. Think of something else that ICFF can stand for. I Can’t Feel My Feet. If you could build…

We See You @ICFF:Uhuru Design

Uhuru Design: Bill Hilgendorf and Jason Horvath How many pairs of shoes or glasses do you own? Bill: I have one pair of eyeglasses and ten pairs of shoes Jason: I have about one pair of usable shoes and fifteen…

We See You@ICFF:Johnny Swing

Johnny Swing How many pairs of shoes or glasses do you own? Glasses I probably have five, but I can only find one. Shoes, this is my pair of dress shoes and I have a pair of workboots. I have…

We See You@ICFF: Christian Horner

Christian Horner Rapsel How many pairs of shoes or glasses do you own? No glasses. A lot of shoes. Think of something else that ICFF can stand for. I could do it in German. No. My jetlag. Too complicated. Actually…

Mobile Home?

The relocation of an early Frank Gehry design raises questions about the nature of architecture.

Behind the Curtains

In preparation for the opening of a new chain of boutique hotels, Starwood turns to the Rockwell Group to create a full-scale mock- up of that classic American icon: the roadside motel.

Designing Women

The Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation and the Museum of Modern Art team up to discuss women in modernism.

Getting Warmer

To celebrate October’s Fire Prevention Week, the Home Depot and the Arnell Group are eschewing firemen calendars (and other hot ephemera) for a more useful project. Their Home Hero fire extinguisher is a simple, sleek, and ergonomic upgrade of the…

The Lay of the Land

There’s something different about Iceland, and it’s not just throat singing or reindeer. Two recent projects—a topographical blanket from the collective Vík Prjónsdóttir and High Plane (top), an Arctic installation created by Katrín Sigurðardóttir (bottom)—point to the singular landscape as…

On The Cusp

Amale Andraos and Dan Wood—a pair of OMA alums—emerge from the long shadow of Rem Koolhaas.

Trends: A Menagerie of Glass

Glass gets funny with shout-outs to penguins and pills, arty with pieces by Yves Klein and Tord Boontje, and sexy with a transparent chair and the perfect romantic-dinner-candle set.

Trends: A Seat Built for Two (or More)

For some of this year’s chair designers, less is not more. From the saucily named 3sum pod by Alberto Frias to Molo Design’s flexible honeycomb seating pit, the designs this year are an invitation for people to get close and…

Trends: Wild Style

From the cute and cuddly to the hyper-stylized, from elephants for the little ones to centipedes for the big kids, the animals are most certainly on parade.

Trends: Into the Great Wide Open

This year, designs for the outdoors are a mix-and-match bag of old-school looks and new-school technology. Sleek-looking stools by bill Goddu are actually based on the most primitive of seating options—a chopped-off log —while the Club Chair by Jasper van…